Wednesday, May 1, 2013

hmmmm... what to do now...?

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Its been a while since I've posted anything.  Kinda like four months and 18 days... This blog has been on my mind of late.  I've been debating on whether to take it down and wash my hands of it.  OR  Resurrect it.

To Keep or Not to Keep...

I'm such a Libra.  Everything in balance.  Cyclical even.  

Its not that I'm not creating, because I am.  Haven't stopped.  but there are so many more things that I do.

So what I've decided that the solution is to try expanding my blog's scope so to speak.  Not make it totally about art.

'Cause I can hike a mean trail.  Or take on the Reapers with Commander Shepard.  Singe your taste buds with a fiery stuffed bell pepper.  Struggle with Bi-lateral breathing at the Y or a 5 Minute run. Or make an opponent swear at me across a game table.

Could be cool stuff to blog about.

So,  Once a week for 1 month.  I shall blog about stuff: gaming (video/board), cooking, fitness, and art.

If I can pull that off for a month then maybe I can breathe life back into this fizzled ol' blog after all.

Guess the proof is in the pudding...

Sugar Hollow, Bristol VA
White Top, Damascus VA

Queen Bee Journal Cover
Finished Queen Bee Journal Cover

The Bink playing with his food!
Yummy pepper goodness

Dice Roll in Battle Masters
My Empire Knights taking on the Chaos Knights in Battle Masters.


  1. Yes! And kicking butt too! Her knights in Battlemasters where awesome! I think the next game she won't be so easily defeated, and she can collect the tears of her vanquished opponents to incorporate into her art...