Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Table Cloth Doodle

Pin It Now! The Bink and I took my Grandmother to a family reunion Sunday before last. After catching up with so many  faces, seeing the new ones and enjoying the fantastic food.  We retired to our table and I realized that the table cloth was a paper disposable one and I thought to myself how micron and tablecloth would react together.  It's a lot like a heavy duty napkin and the bleed out from the micron was minimum.  It turned out better than expected so I had to take the doodle with me to put in my journal.  I'm going to remove the multiple layers until its like tissue and use gel medium to make it become part of the background of whatever page it ends up on.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Secret Garden

Pin It Now! I've always loved the Secret Garden story.  As a child I always had places I went to play and they always were secluded away in trees, the woods behind my elementary school, even the schools playground had a wood copse.  I could watch the movie over and over.  Not quite sure if its the time lapse photography of the plants in the garden or the labyrinthine Misselthwaite Manor.  So, Its not surprising that my current journal title ended up Secret Garden.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness

Pin It Now! I've been MIA I know, but WOW what a couple of months!  Its been insanely busy.

I've been a little swamped the last two months with new car, the theater, art dates with my scrapbooking girls, inventory, inventory, inventory, and vacation. I have found time to finish my Moxie Art journal though, so here is a update as to what I've been doing.

Thanks for Watching, so long art fans...