Monday, May 27, 2013

My Favorite Art Journaling YouTube Subscriptions

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Happy Memorial Day!!!

Finished up the last two week's Journal Pages, check them out! Wasn't quite sure if I liked them as I was working, but now done I'm enjoying the effect.  It's not my normal style, as these pages are on kraft paper and not very sturdy.  I'll be posting on my 2013 Hand Made Art Journal where I'll talk about that a little more in depth.  If you caught my Blog Post this past week, Pin-Spiration My Top 5 Art Journal Pin Boards, I promised to deliver my top Favorite Art Journaling YouTube Subscriptions! Well.... Wait no longer...
life soul muse copyright Lettie Cox

5. Roben Marie Smith - she's got several Watch the Process Videos that are very nice along with several iPhone tutorials that have come in handy.

4. Milliande - I've been fascinated by her breathe of work since I first picked up a journal and a paint brush.

3. RachO113 - I like watching RachO113 work as there are times I've gone, "oh I've done that" but then she gives it a little twist that's just amazing. She has videos on art journaling and mixed media.

2. Donna Downey - I realized a little while back that I've got a couple of her books on Scrapbooking sitting on my shelf, but I wait impatiently for her Inspiration Wednesday Videos.  Mostly for her journal play where she uses new materials and techniques.  She's got a fun and quirky personality that shines through her videos.

Copyright Lettie Cox
1. France Papillon - My current favorite!  She has a Journal on Monday series right now that is fun and educational.  

Honorable Mentions

YellowMelle - found Yellow Melle recently and these videos are short, sweet, and pack a whole lotta punch.
Imperfect Impulses - also a new discovery for me.  This is Aaron's channel, one of the few Art Journaling males out there.  Funny and entertaining!  worth checking out. 

that's it for today RBM readers, but stay tuned for my favorite blogroll list!  If you know of some really good art journaling YouTube videos that I need to check out, Leave me a comment!  So long RBM fans, where ever you are!!!


  1. a huge huge thank you for the honor! i'm really touched :)))

    ps: beautiful spreads you got there!

  2. Thanks for the link to your post. Glad you enjoy my videos, I subscribe to many of the other amazing artists you have mentioned here too!