Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crunchy Frogs - Exercise of the Week: Week 38 2014

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Exercise of the Week: Week 38, 2014

Crunchy Frog... yup I thought the same thing the first time it was introduced to me.  What the Hell is that and will it hurt.  Or are you going to feed me something gross covered in chocolate? a la Monty Python?   Not so much as hurt, but will give you some muscle soreness if performed correctly.  It is an ab excerise that uses  your core, legs and arms.  The thing about the frog is coordination and balance.  If you don't have those down or can't find them when you start this exercise you'll be tilting sidewise and falling over before you even begin.  There are several different versions of the crunchy frog. You can modify for yourself and what you are comfortable with doing.

to break it down:

its an in and out with your legs.  straighten legs out, bend them back in to your belly while keeping your core tight and balanced on your tush...

then you add the arms... as you straighten out your legs your arms are wide. as you bend your legs in curl your arms around your knees and repeat.

check out this video showing how to perform a crunchy frog:

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