Saturday, May 11, 2013

Elvis Delight - a Breakfast Recipe on the Run

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Elvis Delight Smoothie

      1 frozen Banana
      1 cup Almond Milk (substitute your favorite)
      2 tbsp Almond Butter (I used Almond Naturally More w/flax seeds)
      add all ingrediants to blending unit and blend until smooth.  ENJOY!

Magic Bullet with Juicer attachement
   Hey all, just a quick treat for you today.  I've been struggling for really quick breakfast ideas for mornings on the run.  I get up at o'dark thirty feed the minions and to the gym I go with morning coffee in hand with gym bag, lunch bag, and purse slung over the shoulder.  When I'm done with the gym its right to work so breakfast is eatten whenever I get there. I don't want to ruin my workout by cruising through some fast food dive, YUCK!  And there's no time to run into a grocery store.  I've done the ever packable boiled eggs and muffins (check out this muffin recipe - Carrot Banana Muffins - TASTY) breakfast but it gets redunant after awhile.  I had someone tell me recently that they drink their breakfast. Huh? sure I get that... then I realized that I've got a Magic Bullet Juicer sitting in the shadowy reaches of my cabinet that hasn't ever been used. So, I dragged it out and thought sure I'll give it a whirl.  OH, Boy did I make a mess!  I didn't operate the juicer right... so I reaped the benefits and carried on.  I even drank the pulpy left overs, weird... but I wasn't about to let that yummy goodness go to waste.  My advice READ the DIRECTIONS... mulitple times before you start.

Day 1 of the Magic Bullet experiment

Green Breakfast

Day 2 of the Magic Bullet experiment

I decided that juicing in the morning required too much time so after researching smoothies online and recipe books I came up with the Elvis Delight.  I'm sure that somewhere someone else has made the exact same thing, but I didn't find it while surfing.  ANYWAY! it was awesome!  I stuck it in my lunch bag next to an ice pack and it was still smoothie consistancy after my workout and drive to the office.  Once I tasted it... OMG!  I couldn't get enough of it.  Kept thinking about it all day.  YUP that good, to quote a favorite foodie...YUMMO!  Hope you Enjoy.  I'm sure that there's someone out there that hasn't enjoyed a peanut butter and banana sandwhich in their youth, but not this girl.  I grew up on them and there's just something about nut butter smeared all over a banana that is just tasty. I'm really disappointed that I didn't get any photos, but I wasn't planning on writing about it... that is until after I drank the thing in seconds flat...

tata... enjoy

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