Thursday, May 31, 2012

In my Studio - distress ink reVamp!

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I have a tray on my art table that houses all the inks that I tend to use frequently.  My Distress Inks by Ranger take up a lot of room on that tray.  I did a lot of re-stacking looking for the right color. Watching a YouTube video a fellow journalist referenced Ranger's (Distress Ink manufacturer) website.  So, spent a little time surfing and found these...  a Distress Ink color chart and Distress Ink Labels.  Pretty Sweet!


It didn't take very long to color code the labels and attach them to the ink pads. Stamp the chart with the coordinating color too.  I now have more room on my tray for supplies I reach for every day.  I transferred my Matte Medium and Gesso to plastic containers.  Much easier getting brushes into. I can now have those on the desk within easy reach now.  I even have space available on the tray still.

So long Art fans, back to the two page spread I'm working on. Its looking good.

Distress Ink Labels
Distress Ink color chart

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend UP date!!!

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Hey Blog Readers!!!

Its been a while since I've posted and about time that I've give you some attention.  There's so many things that have happened and so many more to waiting in the wings to occur.  I may have been absent from this here blog, but I haven't been totally absent from my art desk.  I thought that I would give you guys just a brief introduction to my Memorial Weekend to get back in the swing of things.

Saturday:  the Bink had to work and I was invited by some fabulous ladies to a Crop in Historical Downtown Jonesborough, TN.  They are all so very sweet letting me work with them, even though I'm not scrap-booking. This is the second time that I've ventured forth with my journal and I'm getting the hang of what to bring with me and what really needs to stay at home.  #1 limit myself to 2 possible projects and be open to spontaneous demonstrations.  Having the potential for more than 2 just means there is more supplies that I have to carry, take only what I need to survive (at least for a small period of time and I can leave the industrial strength hair dryer at home!)
  The main project that I took with me was for my Pen Pal Bonnie.  I started a mini journal just for her.  I added a few pages that I started for her.  I kept adding things to it and the large envelope that I was planning on using quickly became not big enough.  So, I transferred everything to a postal box that I had on hand and I just couldn't send it without "embellishing" it a bit. I finished it up and began a new collage sheet.
  Spent Saturday evening on Boone Lake!  It was the first time ever in 6+ years living here that I've been on the lake at night.  It was extremely nice. I packed us a simple dinner of BLT sandwiches and Pringles!   The ultimate benefit was that I spent hours on a boat and not one sign of sunburn. The moon is my skin's friend.

Sunday: Spent working on my art journal, killing aliens on the Xbox, and watching Monk episodes.  Its on Netflix right now and I'm totally addicted.  Did fire up the grill for some really thick Pork chops, Parmesan and pepper corn on the cob, and Mashed red potatoes.  For desert individual Strawberry shortcakes, yum, yum.

Monday:  More work on the art journal, finished the sketch I started on Saturday and Inked it, read a lot, Xbox, and more Monk.  We may not have gone anywhere, but it was a very relaxing day spent with my Bink.

that's all art fans!!! Its almost my bed time and I gotz to find out what happens next in Raven Calls!