Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Supplies/Hoard/Secret stash... A Tim Holtz Fetish

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    If you're creative at all, then you know what I'm talking about.  You have that hoard of items that you will use... one day.  Oh yeah... I got one of those.  okay maybe more than one.  I've admitted in the title I have a huge Tim Holtz fetish! In love with his product line.  Anything from distress ink, fragments, paper, stamps, and adornments.  So... When one of my chick's said to me, "Tuesday Morning's Ad has some Tim Holtz in it." I was like WHAT?!!! what, what, what....!  I dragged the husband along with me at opening on a very cool rainy Sunday morning to see just what exactly they had.  OH BOY! Did I score a haul!!!

Top left: Advantus Trinket Case, Mini Gears Dies, Heart Wings Die. Bottom Left: Advantus Cargo Case, Chain Tassels, Mini Flourish, Holiday Lamppost. 

I've had these Idea-ology Cases on my Amazon Wishlist since I first saw them.  I love to shop for supplies and can easily get carried away even with the $1 bin at Michaels.  9 times outta 10 I will shop clearance and/or with a coupon before I will pay full retail for most things.  So, the Amazon price tag did a whole lot for curbing my enthusiam for these cuties.  The Advantus Cargo Case, which is the bigger case retails at $50.00.  The Advantus Trinket Case retails for $35.  Tuesday Mornings.... ah how I love thee.  The Cargo I picked up for $20 and the Trinket $15.  Yeah buddy!

I was a little disappointed when I picked one up.  They are constructed out of Paperboard and Metal.  The handles, clasps, and corners are marvelous!  Very sturdy and oh so Tim Holtz.  I'm a little let down in the papercovering.  There are gaps at corners and the faux stitching tape is askew in places where the paperboard is visable.  I keep thinking to myself if I had bought these from Amazon full retail I would've been highly peeved.  Tuesday Mornings statisfied my Tim Holtz fetish without breaking my budget.  BUT....! what really made this shopping trip worthwhile was the Alterations Dies they had that were NOT in the sale add.  I find that Dies are pricey and I've purchased all of mine one at a time with a Hobby Lobby coupon, 'cause its the way to go!  Okay, there is one that I paid full price on, but I was out of town and the local Michael's/Hobby Lobby are woefully lacking in the Tim Holtz selection.  ANYway... I picked up 4, yes 4 Dies: Heart Wings, Mini Gears, Mini Flourish & Holiday Lampost.  Dies I wouldn't have blown a 40% coupon on, but are all super cute.  I like to purchase dies that I can use in a variety of ways.  There are some Dies out there that you may only ever use once and that's not the diversity that I'm looking for in my Secret Hoard.  Not that its that much of a secret anymore...

Did you guys notice the Distress Ink Chart in the photo behind my haul?  Oh yes...Fetish much... I even have his app... yup...

What's your Secret Art Hoard item? Inquiring minds do want to know!

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