Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Playing with Backgrounds

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Good Morning!  its a fabulous start to the day!  Now I've got to go to work...  I thought I'd give you a sneak peak into what I got all fired up about this morning.  Yesterday I wrote a little bit about my Pen Pal Bonnie and today is small continuation of that.  Several months ago I made her the beginnings of a small art journal.  Once a month or so we exchange pages that are 4x4 for each others journals.  Though she laments that she's not quite cut out for it I believe that her pages are completely wonderful and gorgeous.  As part of her Christmas Surprise I'm working on several 4x4 pages for her journal.  I started out this morning with Mixed Media paper from Strathmore that I cut to 16x16.  I then just started playing with my favorite stencils and gesso.  Then I brought out Burnt Umber, Azure Blue, and Deep Rose gouche.  I applied it liberally with a brush and then spread it around with a baby wipe.  I'm totally in love with the results.  I was on a roll, but the reality of daily life, sigh....

My thoughts are that I'll come back with script stamps and my own lettering before I start cutting down it to mini journal size.

I'll be back, muse readers!!!  Enjoy the Season!

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