Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pin-spiration - My Top 5 Art Journal Pin Boards For Pinterest Users...

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I'm sure that 85% of the digital/social media main streamers have heard of or seen Pinterest.  Facebook even has a box on the left side of your profile that if connected to Pinterest will show all your friends what you like or have even pinned from Pinterest.  I must admit that in the beginning I was addicted!  You just can't stop.  If you're creative in anyway: like to cook, paint miniatures, like steampunk, or enjoy looking at comic books there is something for you on Pinterest! Your profile is made up of boards.
Your boards can be anything that interests you. I've got 33 boards that range from Art Journaling to Yoga.  When you sign up you get several pre-made boards, but never fear you can create your own and even have secret ones that no one else sees...  You find something you like you pin it, from Pinterest or from the interwebs.  You can even follow others that like the same things you do.  Check out Pinterest its pretty cool or even better follow me by Pinning this post!

 I like to browse through to see other's art journal pages and be inspired to try a new technique or use a product in a different way.

Current Journal Page in Progress! copyright Lettie Cox

So here are my top Art Journal Boards that I follow.

If you have fear of the blank page or looking for a direction to art in check out Pinterest!  Later this week I'm going to post my top favorite YouTube subscriptions for Art Journaling so stay tuned RBM Blog fans wherever you are...

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