Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to Basics... Project Life!

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Back to Basics... Project Life!

I started Project Life! in August of 2013 and it was a struggle to decide if I even wanted to start something even close to resembling Scrapbooking. It must have been inevitable since I hang out with a bunch of cool scrapbooking ladies once a month.  Though I'm not one for the elebrate 12x12 pages for 1 or maybe 2 photos that they and their friends create. When my local craft store started stocking the Becky Higgins Project Life! line I resisted for a long time and at a weak moment gave in and have been collecting ever since.  I made pretty good progress with pictures from August through December 2013.  I found the most frustrating aspect of putting the pages together was the printing and cropping of the photos themselves.  I can't apparently cut a straight line with my paper trimmer.  I think the mold is warped... haha... nah just me...

Unopened Midnight Edition bought on clearance for $10
I haven't done anything with Project Life! all year.  No excuses other than not liking cutting out the photos for the pockets.  To make it even more comical, every time I would find Project Life! things on Clearance anywhere I would buy it.  I've aquired so much I now have an entire drawer of kits and cards still in boxes shrink wrapped.  I finally said enough is enough, it took an email from Shutterfly for 101 free photos for me to say that though... I spent an entire Saturday pouring over months of photos and placed my order and waited oh so patiently for my pictures to arrive. That same day I came across a blog on Pinterest: or Paint Paper Studio.  Olya had issued a #letscatchuponprojectlife challenge via Instagram.  I thought its serendipity.  Of course I'm up for the challenge it fits perfectly into my other challenge of getting back to basics. When my pictures came I was over the moon pissed off!!! They had crammed 101 photos into 1 photo sleeve and 65% of them were crumpled and creased. I decided that I would NOT treat it as a set back and would have to move forward with them anyway; creased or not.  I met up with my scrapping girls at the end of the week and spent the day catching up and organizing and placing my wrinkled photos in their pockets.  101 photos actually covered from January through mid March, I walked away from that crop feeling a little bit more excited and accomplished.  

I had toyed with the idea of buying online from Persnickety Prints, but never took the plunge.  After running through my 101 photos I needed more, so I bit the bullet and ordered from them.  I had already uploaded photos from 2013 and just hit the order button.  I am so glad that I did.  They came boxed, papered, taped and wrapped.  They were perfect and sublimely cut.  I didn't have to crop any of them. It was then that the excitement took hold and on a Sunday afternoon I camped out on the bed and started something else that's been on my to do list, watch ONCE UPON A TIME.  By the time I was through episode 3 I was well on my way to having most of those photos placed in their spots too.  I've now got the majority of pages from last fall done, embellished and journaled. Complete... Also, have caught up on Season One of Once Upon a Time and halfway through Season 2.  Just yesterday morning I received an email saying that Season 3 is available on Netflix... SWEET!!! Soon, I'll be all caught up on both...

this is red saying thanks for stopping by... so long art fans, where ever you are...

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