Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Burpee Challenge: Day 17

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Its day 17 of our Burpee Challenge and the Bink and I are moving through them still.  We both agree that by doing this challenge it has made doing burpees in Tabata class easier.  We can pound out 15-20 of them with out thought or mental toughness now.  Burpee songs such as: Simply Irresistible are not a struggle, especially for me as I'm still working on pushups and form.

We are discussing what next month's challenge is going to be.  When we decide, I'll post here before the 1st of October and ya'll come and join us in the challenge and tell us how you are doing!!!

Its not too late to join us for the remainder of this month's 30 Day Burpee challenge!!!


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