Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to Basics...Fitness Style!!!

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quote by: Bonnie Pfiester

  I found this quote sometime the beginning of 2014 and it hit really close to home.  I started out last year with a couple of goals, i.e... running(having never been able to) and pushups(the manly kind).  It was utter shock and awe that I completed two 5k events end of last year when 20 years ago I would've walked the 1 mile run imposed on me in high school.  I reached my goals and kept going, though I neglected to raise those goals or set new ones.  When it got bitter cold at the 5 am hour I switched to Spinning instead of Running and enjoyed it. I was able to push myself with something new, but there was not a finish line ahead of me.  I've been cranking out pushups on my toes for months somedays struggling, shaking, and whimpering grasping for one more. At one point my instructor told me that he was working to make me a push up diva!  How I chuckled and shook my head, nah...  One day I do hope to be that diva.  When I decided to take it back to the basics I knew that I had to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement.  I dreaded that first morning run.  I just knew it was going to hurt and I would pay in pain later.  The ephipany that came over me sometime during that long 30 minute jog was that I missed running.  Missed it!!! What an absolute foreign concept.  I realized that running longer, faster, and harder would be my constant.  After doning my trainers for the last two months I had my best time ever just last week and the buzz from that run is still in my head.  Though I will have good runs, bad runs, long runs, and short runs I am glad that I'm running and enjoying the journey.  
Exercise of the Week:

  Burpees... I love to hate them. I love them!  I hate them!  What's a burpee you say?  There you have it..... that picture says it all. 

In Tabata (high intensity interval training)
:20 seconds go
:10 second rest
12345678 tabatas
Burpees are done to a song, so lets say if my class were listening to James Ingram's, Mo Be There then every time those words (Mo Be There) are sung we must BURPEE.  Sometimes its one, sometimes more. Sometimes I can't see because of the sweat in my eyes from so many burpees.  But in the spirit of getting back to basics the husbunny, Bink and I have started a 30 day Burpee Challenge.  Come on and join us for this love 'em hate 'em burpee fest.

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