Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lets Catch Up on Project Life Update!

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This weekend I've been working on Week 10 of 2014.

 I was a little surprised at the number of photos I did and didn't have.  

The Bink and I had decided to move 30 minutes away to a much nicer place. So, there was a lot going on as we discussed things over Cake and frosting, between Tabata classes, and a very close friend of the husbunny being involved in a car accident, resulting in hospitalization.  On a side note he has made a full recovery and back to his old ways...

I managed to get a photo of Tycoe helping us pack. She was happily buried in that box for a couple of hours.

Its funny that Sunday's blog post, Happy Places I talked at crazy length about all the cool stuff I got last week, but when putting this spread together I tried to use those die cut pieces and papers that have been floating around the studio for a while without purpose.  

This spread ended up being a combination of old and new.  I like the 4x4 photo size, but I think I'm going to save those for photo sleeves that specifically hold that particular size.  

I've moved what I have so far from my 2013 album into the green We R Memory Keepers album that I got on our Anniversary.  It is so much lighter, but won't be for long.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Albeit late, but I am glad that the milestone has been attained and thus far passed! :D

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