Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Day in My Weekend Life!

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Its funny when I look back say two years, 5, or even 8 years ago I would definately stick to my guns and declare myself a non morning person.  I was absolutly 100% not a morning person.  Now... I'm up shortly after my Up Band vibrates with my 4 in the morning alarm.  I know its OMG o'clock; can't live without the Y in the mornings!  Saturday found me wide awake right before 5am and listening to the furry minions yammer and make nuisances of themselves so I got up.  My most productive time starts about an hour after I get up, that hour I'm normally hitting the gym.  Just because I'm awake doesn't mean that the Bink is awake, so I have to find things to do that won't disturb his beauty sleep. 

 I found the cutest thing tho when I walked into the studio.  My Bink had made me a piece of Sweethearts Valentine Candy!!!  So adorable.  

I sipped my coffee, cleaned the studio, straightened the living room, pinterested, youtubed, doodled and sketched a little. By 8 I was HUNGRY and figured the smell of bacon would roust my sleeping husband. I mostly eat very clean: protein & fruits/veggies without refined sugars, beans, and gluten.  It makes for some compromises in the kitchen as The Bink doesn't follow my clean eatting regime.  It was the cats waking him up that finally got him out of bed, not the smell of bacon.... bacon...

He hasn't found a bread he doesn't like and there are several fruits he refuses to eat. I had purchased a bag of over ripe banana's last week.  It was so full that we couldn't eat them fast enough so by the end of the week I was thinking BANANA BREAD! I spent a good hour scouring the interwebs for a grain free recipe, which I've found several.  Unfortunately, my supply of almond flour was barely a tablespoon, when I needed 2 cups.  So, now its on, baby!!! I will so make gluten free Banana Bread! To satisfy my Bink I proceeded to make it the old fashioned way, 'cause I know it will be eatten for the most part by Bink.  Several years ago, I made a couple of loaves of Banana Bread and an hour later there was not sign... nor a crumb left...  I had planned on freezing a loaf... Needless to say I found the mini loaf pan pictured below and it turned out to be the perfect solution other than Bink walking away with two mini loaves, one in each hand.  Any time I plan on making Banana Bread; the mini loaf pan comes out.

Bink says, "...don't know what happened to that one, it was a total loss!"

When I got the last of the bread in the oven,  I prepped dinner, Beef Strogonoff Soup.  Had leftovers for lunch and spent the rest of the day in the studio working on a canvas( which I can't wait to share with you guys!!!) and doing laundry...

There you have it a day in the life...

Stay tune art fans where ever you are!!!

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