Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello My Pen Pals!

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Hello my Friends,

I've been working on a little Christmas Present for my Pen Pal Bonnie. The letter I sent her in October was delivered in the envelope that is pictured below.

I normally decorate  her envelopes and I wasn't expecting the rave review that she sent me in return.  So, I decided she needed another angel, but this time on canvas board.

So here's Bonnie Angel!...

 There's a couple of things that I noticed when I scanned it in that I may go back in a touch up, but for the most part she's done! and I Love Her, hope Bonnie Does too!!! 

I've decided that scanning for the most part is better than trying to photograph it, but you can't quite get the feel of the gold paint.  

So Long Muse fans where ever you are!

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