Monday, June 4, 2012

Pinterest in bed...Leads to Words and Eggs.

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There's something about surfing Pinterest in bed that instantly makes me relaxed and sleepy. There's a quality about the mobile app that I enjoy so much more than the PC or laptop. But laying in bed unwinding from a fruitful, but long day with Pinterest is like a bed time story told in just pictures. Tonight it led me to Words and Eggs. A tumblr page by college instructor and calligrapher Lesley Yoder.

"W&E primarily spotlights vintage and vintage-inspired design, typography, hand lettering, literature, francophilia, and anything else that's rad." thats Verbatim from the Tumbler site.

The images there prompted me to seek out the Words and Eggs blog site

If you're a geeked out movie nerd on a star trek/star wars high then its worth a visit it get lost navigating the fascinating posts on vintage themes with a nerdy twist. Especially "I can read movies" where the covers for the novelizations of such movie icons as Blade Runner and Highlander are art and design, not stock photos from the movie.

Anyway... It was a nice end to the day. I would encourage anyone to go for a visit or a brief interlude. So check it out.

Words and Eggs!

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  1. Just found this -- thanks so much for mentioning me! I feel honored! Glad you're enjoying my posts in my various corners of the interwebs. :)

    Enjoy the weekend,
    Lesley (of Words and Eggs)