Thursday, March 29, 2012

Invasion of the Amateur Movie Crew

Pin It Now! Saturday, March 24th, 2012

The Bink's movie crew has picked my living room for a scene. It is utter chaos. I have escaped out the front door to Neverness'.  Totally derailed him from his Saturday afternoon pursuits. Mawahahahahaaha! If you want to know what he was doing check out his Blog at Neverness Hobby Chronicle.

B. U. T... I've managed to get him ARTING! We're currently plotting away on our 40K project.

So I'm getting a lesson in inking and then dyes.

My sketch 
My first lesson in inking

I really like how this came out, I've noticed some things in the drawing that could have been tweaked.  Practice, Play, and Practice some more.  I've progressed since I first started drawing and I'm happy.

Update:  He (Neverness) gave me homework before rushing off to the wilds of Indiana.
So I am now outfitted with Black Magic Ink, New liner brush, tracing paper, new sketch pad, and a couple of "text" books.

Now the plan is to add a second page to this here blog that will be center on our exploits in this Warhammer 40K Collaboration.

If Warhammer 40K is complete gibberish to you check out Games Workshop & Fantasy Flight Games for some clarification.

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  1. In Iowa actually. Yes, that turned out be a fun Saturday my friendly muse. I look forward to the next time!