Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Communing with Gaia

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HELLO Spring 2012!!!

For me its always easier to breathe surrounded by trees.  Trees of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  My favorite is the willow. Did you know that there are champion willows.  My sacred Willow is in Burke's Garden, VA.  It has a sign that proclaims it to be the Champion Willow of 1976.  If it was that grand then, just imagine what it looks like now, HOLY COW!!! 

The weather has been so wonderful that the Bink and I, along with some compatriots have journeyed forth into the Wild Woods so near our East Tennessee home. We're so lucky to have several State Parks so very close.  It is a simple thing to leave work and be surrounded by nature in just a few minutes.  With it being so early in the season we've managed to witness the sprouting of nature in her protected habitat.  We've traipsed among tree roots, last years leaves, and the crumbling rocks of Gaia's bones.  It is but a hint of the beauty that is to come.  I feel so at home with the trees.  I believe that there are places for each of us that allow us to inhale and exhale more freely and to be more relaxed.  My Uncle Ron commented on a photo of our hike saying, "trees connect us with our past and [with] the earth, so we're respected by our ancestors." I so agree with him.  Even my Pops feels that his soul is at peace when he visits the 'ole homestead' where he grew up and learned how to fish in northern Michigan.  Wherever that place maybe for you.  GO THERE!!! Commune with the birds and the trees.  Relax and let your soul find freedom and peace!


  1. I love an early Spring too! It's really vibrant this year, huh?

  2. I'm a country girl, I really only venture to the buzy centres of town when needed. When camping my husband and I both love to go bush, there is indeed something so special there. Love your artwork and your other posts. Will continue to visit. Thanks so much for sharing. Oh enjoy your Spring (my favourite season)we are entering Autumn here :o)