Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 Things I can't ART without!

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  What a crazy cram packed week/weekend!!!  Working late or working at home this past week, shewwww... but I've managed to get caught up and Mr. Bink has been just as busy if not more so than myself.  Saturday was supposed to be an all day ART affair, but I soooo overslept and woke up with a nasty headache.  Made for a slow going beginning, not to mention the absolute dreary weather. I felt like I was stuck in a Bronte novel. I did manage to totally destroy 1 sheet of 22X30 Water color paper. Okay, maybe I didn't completely destroy it, but it got maimed real bad! Manage to make Vol. II of my Book of Days journal.  There's a sneak peak of it in photo.  I made it 8x8 to give me some more room on the pages and I stuck close to Teesha Moore's 16 page design, so lots of extra pages and a sheet for easy assemblage of any tip in.  Neverness saved me from myself and we went into town.  I picked up some bamboo brushes to try out and a cool new art book from Barnes and Noble, plus choose a fabulous Mexican dish from Cacula, which could feed 4+ people.  LOTS of leftovers...  But Neverness and I are finally taking some baby steps towards our collaboration, its a work in progress.  I'm excited!!!  Hey, Neverness!!! Where's my sketches?

I've got this idea for my final spread in my Vol.I journal, but it's going to be a bit tricky.  So, I've been pondering and musing on how exactly I'm going to put it together.  When I do, you'll get to see it!!!  For this week I've been thinking about those things that are my table that I just can't art without, was and wasn't to pick them.  Some things got excluded and others I'm gonna lump together.

my desk! Thanks ever so much to Mr. Bink!!!

  1. Strathmore - 400 series Cold Press Watercolor paper
  2. Stamps - couldn't pick just one... I'm addicted 
  3. Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Love Love Love.  I love to use them like watercolor
  4. Ranger Craft Sheet - saves my bacon when I spill things and I mix my watercolor or gouache right on it and wipes right up.
  5. Artist Pens - Micron Sepia, Pitt XS, and my new discovery Copic 05, doesn't bleed with Copic markers!
  6. Scissors
  7. Mini Mister - a. water, b. alcohol, c. water+perfect pearls
  8. Golden's Matte Medium
  9. Sketching pencils and kneaded eraser for faces
  10. Heat Gun.
  *  This is a new tool.  It works fabulously with my BOD.  I was having issues using masking tape.  It would  NOT take my watercolor or ink.  This is tape that the hospitals use and it acts like a fabric and absorbs color like a dream.  
  So, whether you're a practicing Artiste or miniature painter, what are your 10 favorite things you can't work without?!

So Long Art fans, wherever you are!!!

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  1. (1) The Paint box (like the portable neverness setup, only mine is actually used...).
    (2) The paint board from within the paint box.
    (3) The bitz boxes (you can never have enough bitz).
    (4) Detail & especially 'tank' brushes.
    (5) Ruined brushes which are for good drybrushing (tank brushes are sometimes purchased specifically for that as well).
    (6) Zap-a-Gap
    (7) Dremel tool
    (8) (non powered tools): clippers, needle nose pliers, exacto, pin drill, tweezers
    (9) Washes (otherwise known as 'talent in a bottle')
    (10) The thick, sludgy crud from the bottom of the paint pot (which is excellent for drybrushing as most of it's liquid content is already gone).