Sunday, April 6, 2014

Redbird Musings...on The move...

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Good Morning Ya'll!!!

     Our move is finally over; except for some boxes still lingering!  That's right the future was so bright because The Bink and I exchanged scenery.  We didn't move that far from our old digs, its just a little closer to the gym and work for me and slightly farther for the hubby.  He says he doesn't mind.  Its been a rough month. Neither of us were able to take time off from work to get the move over with quickly, so it seemed to drag on forever!  The irony of the the move that this here Redbird moved to a house on Redbird.

Destiny, fate, coincidence...? maybe... maybe not...

There're still so many things to do and get done, but the furry children have settled in and the stove/oven and I are still getting aquainted.  Most of the books are out of the boxes and the new art room is ready for some creative action!  During the last stages of our move I had my first ETSY sale followed a day later by my second sale!!! Of course it was things that were not created by me... but I have faith that day will come.

I now have a small greenhouse to figure out, which should be an awesome adventure.

I flipped out a little bit when they started the Controlled Burn in the Cherokee National Forest, 'cause I could see the fire from our dining room window and there was nothing, NOTHING! about it on the news or the web until the next morning.  Apparently, they do this every spring to reduce the number of uncontrolled fires for the rest of the year.  Dang! scared the CRAP!!! out of me.

Second Night at the Redbird house we were officially welcomed by one of the "neighborhood" cats.  His name is Rebel. He's orange and white and cleans our windows pawing at them to come in. Not gonna happen little buddy.  Course, the Bink has already adopted him. Push over!!!

It has been overwhelming, exhausting, exciting, and a liberating thing...  enjoy some pics that have been snapped this month and now that we've been reconnected to the grid you and I can get back to our scheduled programming!!!

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