Monday, August 6, 2012

Take a Hike! The Zombie Apocalypse and more

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Sometimes you just have to take a hike and last Sunday was just such a day. I didn't realize how much I needed to breathe in new air. So the Bink, Hanzmo, and I went to the Mountains. We choose Southwest Virginia because we've not done much hiking there so we pointed north and drove. We thought about Flag Rock, High Knob, but decided on Bark Lake Camp. Very nice lake, there wasn't but 2 other families sitting around the lake. Looked like they'd gotten a lot a rain, but everything was so green. The trail around the lake was a mix of gravel, rock path, and bridges. From either side of the trail it was a sea of ferns and these ferns were massive. Fungi was prevalent as well due to the abundance of rainfall. Bink kept finding and showing us animal signs, especially beaver. The boys didn't appreciate me in the lead as I wasn't clearing the spiderwebs. We juggling walking order until Bink was in front with his new walking stick he had rescued from the dam. After the 3rd or 4th bridge he would rush ahead of us and we would hear, "None shall pass." We passed anyway... Sometimes when we hike its in silence and other times our conversations are random. At one point Bink said he would head for the hills if the Zombie apocalypse ever came. That way we would be able to see, hear and smell them for they got to us. Set up the mountainside like the Swiss Family Robinson. We would even be safe from the Zombie Pirates when they came. My argument was how would Pirate Zombies make it to SWVA in the first place. Of course they would be pirates first, then zombiefied and become lost. But never fear Ninja's would be brought in to fight the pirate zombies. It wouldn't matter if the a couple Ninja's fell to the Pirate Zombies and became Ninja Zombies because since they are such mortal enemies they would continue to fight themselves and leave the Apocalypse Survivors alone. So went our hike until Bink decided that you just "don't cross the streams" at the next bridge we crossed to much groaning from Hanzmo and myself. We had lots of fun on that hike, can you guess which of us would be the Ranger, Druid, and Rogue, or effectively the DPS, Healer, and the Tank?

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  1. Ugh...spider webs. I catch them even on well used trails due to my height.

    Lake looks nice, may need to go & check it out with the canoe!