Thursday, May 31, 2012

In my Studio - distress ink reVamp!

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I have a tray on my art table that houses all the inks that I tend to use frequently.  My Distress Inks by Ranger take up a lot of room on that tray.  I did a lot of re-stacking looking for the right color. Watching a YouTube video a fellow journalist referenced Ranger's (Distress Ink manufacturer) website.  So, spent a little time surfing and found these...  a Distress Ink color chart and Distress Ink Labels.  Pretty Sweet!


It didn't take very long to color code the labels and attach them to the ink pads. Stamp the chart with the coordinating color too.  I now have more room on my tray for supplies I reach for every day.  I transferred my Matte Medium and Gesso to plastic containers.  Much easier getting brushes into. I can now have those on the desk within easy reach now.  I even have space available on the tray still.

So long Art fans, back to the two page spread I'm working on. Its looking good.

Distress Ink Labels
Distress Ink color chart

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